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What our clients say

Glenn Neely"I worked with Excel for Commerce on a spreadsheet enhancement. I had created a 'rough' draft, but lacked the skill to finish the project properly. I contacted Excel for Commerce, explained my goals, and 48 hours later I had a beautifully formatted and functional spreadsheet tool. The cost of which was very reasonable compared to committing my own time to research and complete the formatting. I highly recommend Excel for Commerce."
Glenn Neely
Joel Glanzer"It is truly a pleasure working with you. Your flexibility, and taking the time to exactly understand what we need and quick replies are really appreciable."
Joel Glanzer
Amy"I have been working with ‘Excel for Commerce’ since summer of 2013. I am delighted with ‘Excel for Commerce’ service and the quality of work they have delivered. They fully understand our business needs and delivered Excel solutions to our exact requirements. All of their work is done in a timely, technically competent, and with great professionalism. I would recommend ‘Excel for Commerce’ to any business to ensure successful Excel project delivery."
Robert Wooldridge"I worked with Excel for Commerce to develop an Excel application to monitor and display bit-coin values. I also wanted to learn how to develop the app for future reference. They were incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable. They finished the app on time and on budget and went above the call of duty to show me how it was done. I will definitely use Excel for Commerce again."
Robert Wooldridge
Judi V. Tompkins"I asked for help with some complex Excel Macro Development issues.  I sent an inquiry and they called back within an hour. I explained what I wanted, they quoted a time and cost estimate and exceeded my expectations on both fronts. Quick and reliable. Great service. I will use them again as needs arise."
Judi V. Tompkins
Regional CEO, ATC Healthcare Services
Bruce Cumming"The service has been stellar to say the least. They have always completed tasks on time and within any time parameters given which goes a long way. I have been a happy customer who has been satisfied with each and every work product completed by their team. There is no job too big or too small that they can't complete and that is the reason why I continue to use their services."
Bruce Cumming
Herb Zerden"I had been using an outdated program, Borland’s Dbase since 1994. I needed it to run programs for me on large amounts of data I would receive. After running in dbase, I then exported into excel to massage the data. This caused a lot of extra work and sometimes there would be format errors which caused extra work. I couldn't find anyone that knew Excel well enough to do what the dbase program was doing. I called ‘Excel for Commerce’ and they wrote for me macros that did everything the dbase program did so that I could stop using it. Any changes I needed they made occur. I wish I had known about them 10 years ago. I now have a lot of extra free time on my hands. And they were very prompt and responsive to making changes in the macros as I needed them."
Herb Zerden
CFO at AGR Group Inc
Nick Ray"I discovered ‘Excel for Commerce’ via the internet. I took a chance, and that chance paid off. They are responsive, creative and smart. Their work came in on time, and on budget. I am happy to give ‘Excel for Commerce’ my unqualified support. BTW, we have never met in person, but that is absolutely no problem. The beauty of the internet!"
Nick Ray
Business Coach and Author

Sample Work

What we do

We develop custom utility software. We first understand your business challenges and then come up with a technology solution to solve the challenges. If you already have your requirements ready, we can just develop the software for you.

We primarily use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access for development, however, we are not technology dependent. We also use web technologies as and when the need arises.
We have so far developed numerous Custom business applications, Dashboards, Financial Models, etc. We use our expertise to understand your challenges and come up with a quick and cost effective solution.

Data confidentiality

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We take data confidentiality very seriously and your data and contact information are never shared. Also, we never share/re-use the code. A data confidentiality agreement can be provided if needed by the client.

Customer Relationship

Customer support takes priority over any other thing for us. We take pride in resolving your queries, working on enhancements, modifying the tools as per your latest requirements. Testimonials from our clients is a clear reflection on our commitment.


Accounting, Aviation, Banking,Construction, Consulting, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate,SMEs.

Excel Expert/Excel Consultant

We provide both excel expert and excel consulting services.

If you are having a tough time with programming in Excel, writing formulas in Excel or if your Excel program is taking a long time to execute, you can get in touch with our Excel Experts who can work on your requirements and provide a solution.

Our Microsoft Excel Consulting services is about automating your daily business routines, developing a reporting tool in excel, developing financial models or any other kind of excel related challenges. Get in touch with our Excel Consultants to know more.

Access Expert/Access Consultant

If you are facing issues with your Access database or queries, or with Access VBA programming, you can get in touch with our Access Experts. We will provide an optimal solution for your problems.

Our Microsoft Access Consulting services is about developing custom business applications using user forms, designing Access databases, reporting using SQL etc. Our custom applications can be easily enhanced for adding new features. We also do incremental development especially while building large applications in Microsoft Access.

Long term Engagement

We have a dedicated team of consultants who work on long term projects. Talk to the consultant now to know more about our long term partnering services.

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